4 practice worksheet for kids to Count and Write

Analytical ability of your kid starts with basic mathematics learning. Therefore, when your kid has learnt the numbers 1-100, it is time to start learning basic mathematical functions. The first thing is to learn how to count objects, how to use numbers to count things around. Here, we are giving you 4 practice worksheet for your kids to count and write

Learning numbers and counting objects are essential skill that your kid should start learning from the beginning. This improves the analytical ability that also forms the base of reasoning skill. The brain is growing very fast when kid is a toddler, if we give the right foundation to our kids at this stage, those will learn concept faster and grasp advanced learning better.

Count and Write

Count and write is a standard activity that any preschooler or kindergarten student has to start. After learning numbers, now your kid is ready to take next step that is counting objects/ counting things. The worksheet given are very easy to use. The objects used in the worksheet are familiar to toddler after they have familiarize with alphabet and numbers, animals, birds, and the objects around them.

Following are the worksheets-

Count and write worksheet - 1
Count and write worksheet - 2
Count and write worksheet - 2
Count and write worksheet - 3

Practice with count and write worksheet

Sit with your kid, let them watch the video where your kid will find the method of counting objects and the solution of worksheets.

Start counting objects like 1-2-3-4.. till the objects counting is over then you can re-count for confirmation in the beginning phase, then write the number in the space given in the worksheet.

We have included counting objects up to 20 objects. When the kids learnt the concept, they can apply them on any kind of situation. So, we will also include more than 20 objects counting in other article, so that we can mistake- proof our kid while counting by practice and practice.

Patience and Practice- Practice- Practice

Remember patience is the key specially with your toddlers. You cannot force things on them. Still your kid needs lot of practice to learn anything new systematically. Toddlers are learning many things at this stage, so they tend to forget those things that are not in use to gain new experiences and lessons. So, you will have to give them time and practice a lot with them.

Mathematics, numbers are sometimes puzzling to anyone and kids are not different. Therefore, make a schedule for any subject so that at least 2 times a week they can learn and once they can revise. 

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