5 Type of Worksheets for Tracing Letter A- Beginner Friendly

Learning Letter A

Learning is never ending. It becomes more important when it comes to the earliest learning time of life. Toddlers are always curious to learn and with focus they grab on the bits of learning with a fast pace. It is our responsibility that we sit with them, hold their hand and let them learn. By tracing letter on a worksheet is a first step in helping them writing independently. In this article, we are helping to understand how to write letter A and practice again and again in 5 type of Worksheets for tracing letter “A” that are beginner’s friendly.  

How to Use the Worksheets

When your kid has learnt to recognize the letters, now it is time to start practicing on the worksheets. Download the worksheet type that you like and take a print. You must start by showing how to write by yourself (toddler must learn to hold the pencil properly and he/ she must have practiced drawing lines- standing lines/ sleeping lines/ zigzag lines/ slanting lines/ curves etc.) 

Download worksheet(s) from following links-

Tracing Letter A type 1
Tracing letter worksheet letter A
Tracing Letter worksheet letter A
Tracing Letter worksheet Letter A
Tracing Letter worksheet letter A
Tracing letter worksheet Letter A

Let's Start Writing

For tracing A, draw a slanting line towards left side first and then draw another slanting line towards right side from top to bottom while joining two lines at the top. Then, draw the sleeping line joining the first line to second line just below the mid points. Keep pencil firm and put a little pressure on the paper while writing- not too much or too little.

Keep practicing one page at a time. Initially, kids are reluctant to write in a definite form. They like to draw in free form. We, as a parent, will have to be patient enough so that they can develop the habit to sit down and finish one page at a time. Be disciplined while teaching anything to kids. You can take your own worksheet and write showing them how to write.

Remember patience is the key.

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